Long distance adoption

What is school adoption?

It is the only way to allow all children to go to school.
There are hardly any public schools in Haiti. The families and the centers of reception for minors often cannot afford to pay and therefore the children stay at home.

Thanks to the distance adoption, we take care of the child’s education, committing ourselves for the whole year. You receive a photo and the “story” of the boy or girl and a letter from the boy will be sent at the end of the year.

In addition: we have chosen to give priority to deaf and dumb children, who are often rejected by families; they attend the only school in Leogane where the language is also learned.

An annual commitment is required, possibly renewable, depending on the possibilities, in the following years.

Associazione Ponte maintains contact with local partners and the schools involved, and is responsible for collecting and sending information on the situation of the children involved in the program to the adoptive families.

Your contribution goes directly and entirely to local associations that deal with children’s education and document every expense made.

In addition, if you wish, you can go and visit the adopted children directly in Haiti, welcomed by the MUDHA association (Women’s Movement Dominico-Haitian).

How much does it cost?
Only 1 euro per day, which includes school, school supplies, books, uniforms and shoes and one meal a day.

To join the program or for more information, write to
assoponte@gmail.com / cel. +39.347.4711051 (It)