Solidarity gifts

Giving a gift to someone and at the same time helping a Haitian child multiplies the value of a gesture!

There are many opportunities.

Each gift can be given togerther with the gift of a ONE MONTH OF LONG DISTANCE ADOPTION experience: whoever gives the gift spends 31 euros, and whoever receives it will have together with the chosen gift a postcard explaining the long distance adoption program, which can be continued afterwards.

To purchase the gifts or for more information, write to / cel. +39.347.4711051 (It)

``Haiti in pezzi`` a book by Alessia Maso

A book created to tell the idea of "​​Doing and Educating in Haiti", but at the same time to talk about the border between Haiti and Italy. The author tells her own experience in the first person, denouncing situations of waste and mismanagement of humanitarian aid, but also promoting an idea of ​​solidarity that comes from people, which starts from the idea of ​​co-developing and of co- building concrete responses to difficult situations. Cost 12 euros (shipping costs in Italy included)

Make a gesture of solidarity during special event

A birthday, wedding, graduation party or baptism ... any special occasion is a good time to get together, have fun and help those in need. A special counter is created on our site where the amount reached is constantly indicated, it is written in the invitation how the initiative works and the guests can contribute with their gifts, which will go to support the education of children in Haiti. In the following days, special messages of thanks can be sent

Donation in memory

Make a gesture of solidarity to remember someone special and be close to their family. Choose to remember a person who was important to you, your family or friends with a donation in memory. This gesture of solidarity in memory of a loved one means hope and support for many young people in difficulty. And if you wish, we can send to the family of the person you want to remember a letter that will communicate the donation